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"We can help you find a solution to your problem and help you move on with your life... no matter what your situation is."

-Vonda Lynn

A quick, dependable way to sell your home.

Our mission is simple...To buy your home for a fair price, with no hassle or headaches. We will give you an offer fast, schedule an inspection, then close within 30 days.

We are NOT a fly-by-night operation just looking to make a profit at any cost. We are real, kind people who are trained to buy your house quickly and easily.

Our team has over 22 years of experience in buying homes across the nation. We can help you find a solution to your problem and help you move on with your life no matter what your situation is:

-Divorce Bankruptcy/Loss of Job or Business

-Retirement Default

-Cost of Repairs Too Great Preforeclosure Medical Issues

-Inherited Property Need to Downsize/Upsize Tired Landlord

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Get a Cash Offer on Your House!

Why Choose Us?


All Cash Offer

-No Contingencies


-No Repairs

-No Closing Costs

We can usually close in under 30 Days!


No Contingencies,

No Repairs

We will take your home as-is, with no contingencies.


Close in Under 30 Days

We move quickly. Because we buy lots of homes, we have everything lined up and ready for you. Inspector scheduled all-cash payment, and closing attorney ready for you.


We are Real People

We are real people with real families, not hedge funds. You can count on a fair offer and easy experience.


We Believe in Fairness

We know that life is built around your home. We are here to honor the hard work you have put in, and always give you a fair price.


Easy to Work With

We move through inspections & negotiations quickly. Let's get to the closing table! We can make the process seamless by working with

you to rent or buy your next property

What Our Sellers are Saying

"I sold my house! It's done! And it was really easy!! Vonda was super nice and helpful, and she really knew what she was doing. Very professional =) I'll be forever grateful"

Katja Simerson

"I couldn't believe how helpful Vonda was willing to be. I needed extra cash so I could move into my new house, and she structured the deal so she could give me extra money at the closing table."

Jan Rosberg

"My house was on the market for 10 months, and I needed to find another way. The mortgage was too much for me and I needed to downsize. I found Vonda with I Creative Cash Buyers, and she made a good offer. We closed in 26 days!"

Mary Allison


Vonda Lynn




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